Thursday, May 28, 2009

We hiked, we ate.

My Memorial Day weekend fun kicked off with some hiking at South Mountain. Not the prettiest scenery ever, but that's Phoenix for you. But the most important thing is the company and that was fantastic.

Ahhh, breakfast. We waited a long time to get a table at this tiny hole in the wall place, Matt's Big Breakfast. A long time. In the hot sun. Worth it? YES. I'm going to say best hash browns ever. Best waffles still belongs to Lolo's. Beware the boiling hot syrup though! I'm not kidding, we had Brandon's hand on ice after he learned the hard way that his container of syrup was the temperature of magma.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, asked for a Diet Coke, and gotten the reply "Is Diet RC ok?" If you'd like that experience, go to MBB. I didn't even know RC existed anymore! But I do now. No it doesn't taste any better than I remember.

Identical twin spoons

One bag; two spoons. It (they?) came with my hot fudge sundae today at McDonald's. Kind of miraculous, don't you think?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gee, my hair smells terrible*

I do not have dandruff.

But I read somewhere online that dandruff shampoo is really good for your hair and scalp in general and should be used once every week or two. Since everything on the internet is true, I bought some Neutrogena T-gel and used it this morning. I don't doubt this stuff is good for hair but holy stink-fest. I nearly gagged in the shower at the smell of this stuff. But I figured I could endure it for as long as it takes to lather and rinse (no repeating here). Too bad the smell lingers. I tried moussing and spraying my hair with heavily-scented products to try and banish the stench but all I can smell is that nasty shampoo!! My head smells like moth balls. Gross!

I apologize to anyone who smells my head today and says to themself, "Katie must have been rolling around in moth balls again". Please forgive me!

* For pop culture reference, see the source of all knowledge: wikipedia.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So who's brilliant idea was this one?

At the end of a long hallway of courtrooms.....

and benches...

WAY down at the end past the benches where the, you know- people- would be sitting....

There is a tiny little sign stuck to the big brick wall. Can you see it there? Barely?

Well it turns out there's some useful information on the tiny sign, but you have to get about 6 inches away from it to see what it says...

Considering that I had worked here for nearly 2 years before ever noticing the tiny sign myself, I'm willing to bet that pretty much no one ever sees it. So, to whoever's grand idea it was to stick the tiny sign at the end of the long hallway, THANKS. Our tax dollars hard at work!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hair cut.

Realizing my hair hasn't been short since I took the bar exam (5 years ago!), and with the long hot summer starting, I got the strong urge to chop off my hair. And I gave in this time. I'm quite happy with my decision, thank you.

Sad- my hair once on my head now on the floor. Look how curly it is! I should really let my natural curl do its thing more often.

Not a great picture of me but the promised "after" pic, in the cute salon where I get to feel pretty every 6 or 7 weeks. 'Hair Do' in Gilbert by the awesome Casey, to give the proper plug. ;)

After my hair appointment I met my visiting teacher at the temple grounds to enjoy the surprisingly cool weather. It really was gorgeous outside. It was so nice to walk around and see all the brides and grooms having their pictures taken. One bride had on a mid-calf length dress with green shoes and a green sash. Very unique and very cute!

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get anything but perfect pictures of the temple. It's just too beautiful.

I like to scope out the brides whenever I'm at the temple to make sure no one is wearing my dress. A big fear I'm having is that my style of dress will suddenly get trendy. I doubt this will happen because it's fairly different from the current trends, but you never know.... I will be one unhappy girl if that happens. It's not returnable but more importantly, I LOVE it. I fully intend on wearing it eventually.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who says lawyers can't rock?!

What's more entertaining than a bunch of public defenders playing Rock Band in the middle of the day? Not much!

I don't even remember now what song I sang, but I did rock it out. That I know.

And of course: the "goodbye again" cake. (For the "I'm retiring. Again. But for reals this time." party)