Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I'll be doing next month. (so excited, by the way)

FSA West and Idaho Regional Conference 2009 Flyer

I hope I do okay.

I'm excited to see Mrs. R again, to thank her in person for the beautiful jewelry I have purchased from her Etsy shop, r house couture (waiting for my second necklace to come in the mail...this one was a custom order and I can't wait to see it), and give her a big congrats on winning her adoption case!

I'm really excited to meet Monica Blume too.  I read "For the Love of a Child: The Journey of Adoption" a while ago and I tell you, that book should be sold with a box of kleenex!  It's wonderful.

And then of course seeing the Xanthos clan is always something to look forward to.  Only 3 weeks away!  (I can't believe it, seems like yesterday it was 3 months.  I'd better get pondering on what I should speak about.)


  1. Yay!!! It's still funny to me how all of that just fell into place--I know it should come as no surprise though--but still it's a little crazy that I got the phonecall about something else that led to you coming here for this conference. We're happy to have you one way or another though. Sounds like you'll be in good company--& Pres Brinkerhoff was the stake pres here when we first moved here but has since been made a seventy! Pretty awesome to share a spot on the program with him! (And don't let that daunt you either...I know you'll do wonderfully!)

  2. Katie,

    you are such a strong, amazing woman. we're all so lucky to have your association blessing our lives. (and you'll be awesome. i'm sure of it!)

  3. That's wonderful!! I have to admit, I think it would be awesome to hear you speak! Good luck! You'll be spectacular.

  4. That's so exciting Katie! I wish I could be there. Save a copy of your talk so I can read it, por favor?

  5. How exciting! You'll do great. I hope we get to read your talk.

  6. I wish we could be there! You always do such a great job...I am sort of praying that another amazing last minute deal comes up so we can somehow come, don't really see that happening though :( What is your personalized necklace???