Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Portland, OR

This is what I miss about Fall outside the desert:

I do not, however, miss the cold.  Brrrr. 

But it was fun getting to spend a few days with Carol and family!

Benno likes to pretend he hates me (but I know the truth).  These are the kind of looks I was getting all weekend.  Haha.  Disdain never looked so cute.


This is so cute.....specifically the very end:

We went to several of my favorite places:
  • Ikea- Breakfast for $2?  How can you beat that?  And thank goodness I finally found a viking hat with a removable beard.  I've been looking for one of those everywhere!
  • the Nike employee store- I could spend hours in this place.  And I felt semi-legit this time buying running gear, you know.  Always kinda felt like a poser before.
  •  Powell's bookstore, and . . . 
  •  Moonstruck Chocolates! Yum:

Ever wondered what's inside an eyeball?
Answer: peanut butter and jelly!  (of course)

Did I mention I had fun in Portland?? :)

1 comment:

  1. Yay for Katie in Portland! Thanks again for coming...we had fun with you!
    We had a big windstorm yesterday that blew what was left of the pretty fall colors all away...glad you got to enjoy a little bit of it.

    I forgot you took that video in the restaurant...that was so sweet at the end.