Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

Actually, I don't dance....but I do watch very well. :)

The butt dance. :)

One of my favorites: Romeo and Juliet
We were too chicken to try sneaking a picture, but when LeeAnn and I were walking into this restaurant next to the Arena, we both recognized this girl sitting at the bar.  You know when you see someone and you think you know them, but you don't know how?  When we figured out we both recognized her, we were racking our brains trying to remember who the heck she was.  I finally figured it out....anyone else recognize her?:

Anyone? Hmmmmm?

Elodie Otto: she was on The Hills.  She worked with Heidi at Bolthouse.  Don't ask me how I remembered that!  But I'm glad because it was driving us crazy.

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  1. Hey wanna know what I figured out today? I work with a friend of the adoptive parents of your little boy. Random, but I thought it was crazy!